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Woodchuck Trapping and Woodchuck Removal
Groundhog Trapping and Groundhog Removal

Woodchucks and Groundhogs
These large ground dwelling animals can range from 5-15lbs. They are strictly vegetarians. They are amazing diggers and create large intricate dens. Trying to block or fence them usually does not work since they will just re-dig or climb. Humane relocation is the only effective solution. Each spring the mother gives birth to 4-6 young. Groundhogs hibernate from mid November to mid march. Trapping begins early May and runs through October as these are the most active times for groundhogs (same as woodchuck) and increases your likelihood for successful removal.

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Woodchuck Groundhog Hiding in the Yard
Woodchuck in Garden Woodchuck Removal Woodchuck under Shed

At All About Bats And Wildlife, we are recognized for our humane and modern approach to trapping and relocating problem woodchucks and groundhogs. Locally owned and operated, All About Bats and Wildlife professionals are licensed and insured.

If groundhogs are spoiling your gardens or undermining your walls and walkways, call us 1-800-762-6392 to set up traps and relocate.


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