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Skunk Removal - Skunk Control - Skunk Trapping

All About Bats and Wildlife receives many calls with complaints that a skunk is living or dead in client homes. Houses breathe and when a skunk has a confrontation with another animal, they spray. This mustard like liquid absorbs into the foundation so strongly you can taste it. The scent passes through the air ducts and fills the house. The scent will clear in a couple of days. Just open all the windows and pray for rain.

Skunks are nocturnal and will feed on almost anything, including worms, grubs, fruit, veggies, seeds, garbage, pet food... Skunks can create many problems for the homeowner like smell, burrows, lawn damage, dumped garbage cans, and rabies. Mothers have 2-5 pups in the spring.

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At All About Bats And Wildlife we are recognized for our humane and modern approach to trapping and removing problem wildlife. Locally owned and operated, All About Bats and Wildlife professionals are licensed and insured.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional reputation for resolving your wildlife conflicts and by the means and integrity in which we achieve that. We are courteous professionals who are punctual with appointments, personable, honest about evaluations and solutions, respectful of your privacy and conscious about the aesthetics of exclusion.

If you need skunk trapping or skunk removal, please call us...


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Skunk Removal
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Skunk Control

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