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Services Offered by All About Bats & Wildlife

Surveys and Consultations
If you suspect wildlife activity in and/or around your home but can't be sure what's making that "noise" or digging those "holes", you need a thorough Survey and Consultation. We will focus on the problem area and identify what the problem is and how to address it. We will also advise on any other findings you may not be aware of.

Animal Trapping and Removal
In many cases, to reduce risks to the home owner/family and damage to the home itself, it is often best to remove the nuisance wildlife in question. Despite closing entry points, in hopes the animals are on the outside, Raccoons and Squirrels can be very destructive about getting back into the homes in which they want to live. Before doing any repairs, we think it’s safer to remove the nuisance animals first so not to create a potentially dangerous situation. In our many years we have seen other control efforts, many times over go very wrong, where wildlife has ripped through roof shingles and roof sheathing to get back into an attic. Just imagine what an animal could do if trapped inside your home or attic. Each wildlife issue we handle is addressed with a personalized trapping and exclusion program based upon our clients’ needs and our decades of expertise.

Chimney Caps and Chimney Screens
In many cases wildlife issues stem from unprotected Chimneys. The best way to prevent Raccoons, Squirrels, Birds and Bats from living in, or accidentally falling into your chimney, is to have proper Chimney Caps or Chimney Screens installed. We install top quality Stainless Steel and Copper chimney caps for whatever dimension is needed and can even add another layer of protective screen to keep out bats too. Some chimney tops have supported pieces of slate and can’t accommodate a Chimney Cap. This is where we would use heavy gauge galvanized Chimney Screens recessed and secured between the supports to keep wildlife out. Whatever the situation we can figure out a way to protect you.

Animal Prevention and Exclusion
Once the wildlife issue has been resolved it is equally important to deter or prevent the occurrence from happening again. As part of our tailored service we can provide exclusion controls to fend off most repeat conflicts. The manner that we use these exclusion techniques is one of the most important differences that set us apart from our peers. Our choice of materials and their application embrace functionality, your homes’ necessary airflow, and an aesthetic finished product. The exclusion level of detail you choose can have many other beneficial protections versus creatures like bees, moths, flies, ladybugs, beetles and more…

Home/Wildlife Inspections
Whether you are a realtor or a homebuyer a wildlife home inspection is necessary. Traditional Home inspection does not cover rodents and wildlife. New or old all houses have points of access for all types of wildlife. Our thorough conscientious inspections look for all/any signs of entry, damage, footprints, droppings, and areas of concern. We target mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels, bats, raccoons, skunks, woodchucks, snakes, opossum, and birds. Internally, all areas of the house are inspected from the garage to the attic and everything in between. Externally, we look for signs of entry, damage, dens, and hot spots. We further inspect walls, foundations, walkways, and garden beds. We determine problems, if any, and recommend steps taken to correct the problem. A report with our findings including costs and referrals if available is prepared.

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Wildlife Surveys And Wildlife Consultations

Home/Wildlife Inspections

Chimney Caps And Chimney Screens Installed

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Animal Prevention And Exclusion

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