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Raccoon Removal - Raccoon Control - Raccoon Trapping

Raccoon Removal
Raccoons cause a lot of damage if they get into your house. Not only do they require a large opening but also they normally destroy whatever access point they choose to go in.

Raccoons urinate and poop inside the structure and carry with them a list of parasites and disease. They are the single largest carrier of rabies in the country. Outside of the house, they can spread disease, cause conflict with domestic pets, turn over garbage cans, wash/ eat in pools/spas and destroy yards/gardens.

Raccoon in Home

Raccoons are nocturnal. There most common features are the black mask on there face and ringed tail. They may look cute but are incredibly strong for there size, usually 20-40 pounds. Mother raccoons have 2-5 young in the spring.

Clean-up and odor control are recommended after removal of raccoons.

If you need help in removing Raccoons from your property, call us to set up our humane raccoon traps...

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If a raccoon is in your attic deterring or blocking access is a dangerous proposition. Trapping is by far is the safest and most effective means of removal.

Raccoon Pups Found Living in Attic

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