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Mouse Control - Mouse Trapping

Mouse Control/Trapping
Mice invade our homes and we do not know until we hear the scratching in the walls at night or see their droppings in the attic, basement, or kitchen. Most exterminators will use poisons to control the population but there is risk of them dying and smelling in the inaccessible infrastructure of your house. Snap trapping is an alternate method that we could employ specific to your needs and eliminate that risk.

Until your homes exterior has been inspected for openings along the foundation and roofline, and those problems addressed, you will still have continued mouse issues. Mice carry a variety of ticks and parasites into you home. We can discover and address these visible openings to greatly limit if not prevent further mouse infestations.


Snake Trapping - Snake Removal

Snake Exclusion
People often encounter snakes because their property provides a good food source, plenty of water and shelter. Like all animals, snakes seek out good places to have young and hide. This could be indoors or out. Snakes are unlikely to bite unless you mess with them but a startled or provoked snake will certainly defend itself.

Many snakes give a warning before a strike but not always. Some snakes can be unpredictable. It is best to keep distance between yourself and a any snake. If you are having trouble with any of the 12 breeds of snake in our area, don't hesitate to call us. We can come out and set traps to remove the problem snakes right away!

If you need Mouse Trapping - Mouse Control or Snake Trapping - Snake Control, call on us for personalized service 1-800-762-6392

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At All About Bats And Wildlife we are recognized for our humane and modern approach to trapping and relocating problem wildlife. Locally owned and operated, All About Bats and Wildlife professionals are licensed and insured.


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